The SPRINTT project has two major objectives. First, it will aim at providing a clear, objective, scientifically sound, and clinically-relevant operational definition of Physical Frailty & Sarcopenia (PF&S), to allow the identification of older individuals affected by this condition. Then, it will conduct a large-scale randomized clinical trial aimed at testing the effects of a multicomponent intervention (based on physical activity, nutritional counselling, and innovative technologies) versus a health educational program in the prevention of mobility disability in community-dwelling older persons with PF&S living in different European countries.

The SPRINTT clinical development program will include a randomized Phase III study involving nearly 1500 patients, undergoing a clinical follow-up of two years, within 13 European countries. Applied methodologies and clinical results will be presented to the European Medicines Agency for regulatory advice.

The ultimate goals of SPRINTT are to offer efficient treatment options to physically frail, sarcopenic older persons and to ameliorate their quality of life. This result will directly contribute to the long-term sustainability and efficiency of health- and social-care systems.

Source: SPRINTT website