L Rodriguez-Mañas L, Araujo de Carvalho I, Bhasin S, Bischoff-Ferrari H A, Cesari M, Evans W, Hare J M, Pahor M, Parini A, Rolland Y, Fielding R A, Walston J, Vellas B and the ICSFR Task Force

J Frailty Aging
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Published October 7, 2020


Biomarkers of frailty and sarcopenia are very important to deepen understanding, as well as to promote the development of new diagnostic tools and effective treatments.

The International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia Research (ICFSR) Task Force – a group of academic and industry scientists from around the world – met in February 2019 to discuss the current state of biomarker development for frailty and sarcopenia. View more on their findings below.

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