Wang YJ, Wang Y, Zhan JK, et al.

Int J Endocrinol 2015;2015:482940

Publication date: July 27, 2015


The aim of this study by Wang et al. was to estimate the prevalence of sarco-osteoporosis and investigate its relationship with frailty in a sample of 316 community-dwelling Chinese older people. The prevalence of sarco-osteoporosis was 10.4% in older men and 15.1% in older women. Age above 80 years, female gender and higher level of comorbidity were independently associated with the likelihood of being sarco-osteoporosis.

In the frail group, sarco-osteoporosis occurred in 26.3% of men and in 38.5% of women, whereas the prevalence was lower among prefrail (13.6% of men; 16.2% of women) and nonfrail individuals (1.6% of men; 1.9% of women). Furthermore, the likelihood of being frail/prefrail was substantially higher in the presence of sarco-osteoporosis.

These results indicate that patients with sarco-osteoporosis are more likely to be 80 years or older, with a higher burden of comorbidities, and to have frailty/prefrailty, especially for women.


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